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General Fund
We currently have eighty one rescued children in our ministry. We have a serious need with regards to our "General Fund." To those of you who believe in this ministry, we are asking you to help us fulfill our mission of rescuing the abandoned, forgotten and hopeless children in Honduras. You can do this by being one of a thousand people to give a gift of $100.00 to help us get our general fund account built back up. Some of you are able to give more than $100.00, and we would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help us with this vital need. We remind you that we are a faith ministry and we are funded by the generous gifts of people just like you!

500 Sponsors for Rescued Children: $350.00 per year or $35.00 per month

FCM provides for the needs of the rescued children through individuals who join us in the sponsorship ministry. There are currently two hundred sponsors. FCM estimates that it cost around $350.00 per month to provide food, clothing, medical and educational needs of each child. Thus we need at least 10 sponsors per child who give $35.00 per month. You can find out more by checking the sponsorship page of this site.

Thank you for your investments in the lives of these precious children. Que Dios les bendiga , May God bless you!

Forgotten Children Ministries

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Mission Teams

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Mission Teams join us
in providing evangelism, VBS, clothing and food distribution, construction, medical, revival, bible studies, etc. Learn More>>